Tekno Acid Beat

Tekno Acid Beat

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During the 1988-1992 period of PTV, Fred Giannelli, Dave Ball from Soft Cell, Richard Norris who later formed the Grid with Dave Ball, John Gosling, engineer Richard Evans and other techno artists released music not only as Psychic TV, but also a variety of 'fake' names.

The second fake compilation released by Psychic TV in the early part of their acid house phase. The idea behind this was to release 'compilations' of these imaginary artists, creating a sense that a healthy acid house scene existed in the UK.

Psychic TV, 1991 ~ Acid House Era

The key studio albums of this period were Jack the Tab – Acid Tablets Volume One, Tekno Acid Beat, Towards Thee Infinite Beat and Beyond Thee Infinite Beat (2x12" remixes which could be played at 33 or 45 rpm), as almost all of the live shows in this period were based around the songs on these albums. From '88-90 PTV was very stable as a live unit and did more gigs and touring than any other version of PTV before or after. A long tour of the USA and UK in 1988, Europe in 1989 and another long tour of the United States in 1990.

"DJ Doktor Megatrip"